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    project overview

          Liumafang area covers a total area of 442.17 mu, total construction area 450,530 square meters; and plans to resettle 12 villages(Xiaomihetou village, Mafangdian village, Zhengjiadian village, Fuxinzhuang village, Gaojialing village, Zhouying village, Zhangmafang village, Zhumafang village, Yaomafang village, Tieguanying village, Liumafang village, Beiyanggezhuang village) included 2005 families.

    project administrative region map


    project geographic location


    Project plan

    Aerial view of Liumafang area

    effect picture of Liumafang area

    residence and equipped commercial facility effect picture of Liumafang area

    Hospital effect chart

    effect picture(one) of Qinhuangdao development No. 5 Primary School

    effect picture(two) of Qinhuangdao development No. 5 Primary School

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