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    About Us

           Founded in September, 2014, Qinhuangdao Zhongmin Investment Corporation Limited is located at Longhai Road 69#, Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a registered capital of RMB 785,000,000.

            Our company covered investment in construction industry, real estate, health care industry, cultural and educational industry, tourism, and so on. Thus, the company is a large project investment company incorporated project investment, land development and engineering construction.

           Corporate shareholders include China Development Fund Corporation(state-owned), China New Town Development Company Ltd(state-owned, listed), Qinhuangdao Taisheng Construction and Development Co., Ltd(state-owned), Qinhuangdao Alpha Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd.

    Aerial view of Liumafang area

    Aerial view of Gujiazi area

           Based on the committment 'creating value, serving society', the company is actively engaged in the project of shanty towns transformation program which has turned out to be market-based and the company is the only subject which is in charge of Qinhuangdao development zone Liumafang, Gujiazi shanty towns transformation program. This program is involved in 15 villages in Qinhuangdao development zone, total investment RMB 2,708,000,000, area of construction 620,360 square meters. Qinhuangdao development zone government has already staged mid-long term arrangement for the project's construction, procurement and capital raising.

    Design sketch for residential buildings

            Liumafang area is to the east of Tianchi Road, the sout of Qingshuihe Road, the north of Suzhouhe Road, the west of Xizihu Road; Gujiazi area is to the east of Xiyunshan Road, the west of Road 1(planning), the south of Qinghaihu Road, the north of Gujiazi Village.

           Liumafang area covers a total area of 442.15 mu, total construction area 456,100 square meters; and plans to construct resettlement houses 3,356 units, old people's home, primary school, community health care and kindergarten one respectively. Gujiazi area covers a total area of 120.28mu, total construction area 168,300 square meters; and plans to construct resettlement houses 2,187 units.

    Design sketch for hospital

    Design sketch for kindergarten

           Both projects raises capital by the form of government purchase of services which is vigorously promoted by the goverment, therefore, it not only helps government transform government functions, but provides new ways to relieve the government's fiscal expenditure as well. The promotion of government purchase of services, facilitates companies engage in government's public utilities construction, enhances public services levels. Compared with the former way which is either single source purchase or direct entrust, the turnover of government purchase of services is greatly lowered compared with the direct construction by the government, thus enable the fiscal funds to be used more effectively.

           Government purchase of services can enhance the service quality. Introducing social organizations and corporations to engage in government's service project construction, will motivate the market environment to form more and more positive cycles. In the construction of government purchase of services, government supervises the subject's construction and the subjects itself control over the quality, and thus provides good quality for both construction and services.

           Both projects adopt prefabricated concrete structure technique, manufacture precast units in specific factory, assemble in the construction field, adopt industrial production mode. This mode is easy, with less building templates, cast-in-place concrete, thus effectively decrease dust pollution, and protect the environment and decrease the disturbance to the local residents. In the process of precast installation construction, automation and modern control can be fulfilled. Meanwhile, while designing and constructing, fabricated buildings can make the most of construction waste, save fertile farmland and other material.

           Corporation shareholder Qinhuangdao Alpha Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd specializes in research and design of fabricated buildings and industrial production of all kinds of construction parts, deploys the world cutting-edge PC(precast concrete members) integrated technology to build houses which has the advantages of controlled quality, cost, progress and green and low-carbon.

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