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    Company News
    Company News

    Ministry of housing and urban construction: the evaluation standard of assembly building is implemented in February


    The Ministry of housing and Urban Construction recently issued a notice, approved the "assembly building evaluation criteria" (hereinafter referred to as the "standard" assembly) as the national standard, implemented since February 1, 2018. The national standard for the evaluation of industrial buildings is abolished at the same time.

    According to the introduction, the assembly building represents a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation direction of construction industry, which is a significant change of traditional construction industry transformation and construction mode, and an important measure to push forward the structural reform of supply side, and a powerful support for new urbanization construction. In recent years, in the process of actively exploring the development of fabricated buildings, China has encountered some urgent problems in supporting and ensuring the top level design of technical specifications and standards. This makes the relevant standards of our country still have a big gap compared with the advanced standards of the assembly building construction in the international sustainable development.

    The evaluation of the fabricated buildings should meet the following requirements: the design stage should be pre evaluated, and the assembly rate should be calculated according to the design documents; the project evaluation should be carried out after the completion and acceptance of the project, and the assembly rate and the evaluation level should be calculated according to the completion and acceptance data.

    The fabricated buildings should also meet the following requirements: the evaluation part of the main structure part is no less than 20 points; the evaluation score of the enclosure wall and the inner wall part is not less than 10 points; the total decoration is adopted, and the assembly rate is no less than 50%.

    In addition, the "assembly standard" is also clear that assembly building should be equipped with assembly and decoration.

    In accordance with the requirements of the assembly rate should be calculated according to the evaluation in the evaluation of the project from the main structure score (50 points), retaining wall and inner wall (20), decoration and equipment pipeline (30 points) 3 indicators in the actual score and score of the project and participate in the evaluation of project total ratio.