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    Company News
    Company News

    PPP landing speed is accelerated, environmental protection endowment favored by capital


    The eighth quarterly report of the national PPP comprehensive information platform project library released by the Ministry of finance, at the end of September this year, there are 14220 national warehousing projects, with a total investment of 17 trillion and 800 billion yuan, covering 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps and 19 industry sectors.Among them, 6778 projects are in the stage of preparation-procurement-execution and handover,the projects had completed the evaluation of the value for money and the verification of the financial affordability demonstration, which is included in the management library, with an investment of 10 trillion and 100 billion yuan. There are three national demonstration projects, totaling 697 projects, with a investment of 1 trillion and 800 billion yuan, landing rate of 82.1%, 32.3 percentage points higher than the landing rate in 2016.

    From the PPP market structure, the number of private enterprises to participate in the industry increased more than last year. The total number of private, private and foreign funded joint projects totaled 270, accounting for 47.2% of the total number of landing projects. Private enterprises participate in 17 industries, of which 108 are municipal engineering, 30 are ecological construction and environmental protection, and 20 are pension. Last year, municipal engineering, transportation and water conservancy were at the forefront. In addition, compared to last year, the private sector to participate in the industry added new agriculture, forestry, sports and so on.