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    Company News
    Company News

    Qinhuangdao Zhongmin Investment Co., Ltd. representatives to participate in the third Far East Economic Forum


    September 6 to 8, 2017, the executive director of the Qinhuangdao Zhongmin Investment Co., Ltd. Yang Jun participated in the third session held in Vladivostok in Russia Far East Economic forum.

    September 7th, Alexei Chekunkov(President of the Russian Far East Development Fund) and Li Xiaolin(Silk Road Planning Research Center Executive Vice President) signed the "the International cooperation center - Far East Asia health science and technology innovation industrial city" strategic cooperation agreement. Yang Jun, executive director of Qinhuangdao Zhongmin Investment Co., Ltd., participated in the signing of the contract on behalf of the project party.

    Executive director Yang Jun - right second people -  Qinhuangdao Zhongmin Investment  Investment Co.,

                                        ▲Left - the Russian Far East Development Fund President Alexei Chekunkov

                                        Right- Silk Road Planning Research Center Executive Vice President Li Xiaolin

    According to Chekunkov introduction, the project investment amounted to 45 billion rubles (about 777 million U. S. dollars), Russia's investment accounted for 1/3 of the total, China's investment accounted for 2/3 ($more than 500 million). Russia also invited the Silk Road Fund and the National Development Bank as financial partners. And Hainan airlines, HNA Group (Hainan Airlines Holdings) was invited as a private partner.

    Li Xiaolin exchanged views with Alexei Chekunkov