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    Company News
    Company News

    69 countries and international organizations in China and signed to build "One Belt,one Road" cooperation agreement


    The national development and Reform Commission said in August 17th, as of now, to build a  "One Belt,one Road" cooperation agreement with China's national and international organizations has reached 69, a series of inter departmental cooperation agreement covering the "five links" in various fields.

    The national development and Reform Commission official said, to build a "One Belt,one Road initiative" with Russia, the Eurasian Economic Union, Kazakhstan "bright road", Saudi Arabia 2030 vision strategy to accelerate the construction of "docking, Mongolia and Russia economic corridor plan" implementation. In addition to countries in Asia and Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and other countries have a positive response and participation in the "The Belt and Road construction.

    The responsible person said, actively participate in the "One Belt,one Road" economic construction enterprises in china. Accelerate the construction of new million high iron, the old railway, Gwadar Port and other landmark projects, railways, railway and Mongolia established, China Myanmar oil pipeline running. China and Europe have opened a total of 4000 lines, reaching 12 countries and 31 cities in europe. Capacity cooperation continued to deepen, as of now, China has worked with Kazakhstan, Ethiopia and other more than 30 countries to carry out the mechanism of production capacity cooperation. Trade and investment continues to rise, the first half of this year, China's enterprises to "The Belt and Road" along the 47 countries investment of $6 billion 610 million, an increase of 6 percentage points.

    China's financial institutions actively expand financial cooperation space. The National Development Bank, the Export Import Bank of Chinese in "The Belt and Road along the country's loans of more than $110 billion, China Export and Credit Insurance Corp underwriting" The Belt and Road along the country's exports and investment of more than $320 billion, the Silk Road of foreign investment funds with more than $6 billion. Our country "The Belt and Road along with 22 countries and regions signed a currency swap agreement, a total of nearly 1 trillion yuan.

    China actively promote cultural exchanges and cooperation, signed a cooperation agreement with education in more than 60 countries, with the WHO to create "healthy Silk Road", the implementation of tourism, poverty reduction, environmental protection, prevention and control of desertification and other areas of cooperation with countries along the wide, can carry out the foreign aid, fulfill its responsibilities.

    The responsible person said, the next step is to fully implement the "One Belt,one Road" international cooperation forum the results, set up "One Belt, one Road" construction promotion center, multilateral development finance cooperation center cooperation platform. Actively and steadily push forward the landmark construction projects, expand economic cooperation between entities, to promote the "The Belt and Road" construction of financial innovation. We should strengthen security risk prevention abroad, raise awareness of enterprise risk prevention, strengthen risk prevention and control mechanisms, prevent irrational foreign investment, vicious competition and corruption, and promote healthy and orderly development of foreign trade and economic cooperation.