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    Company News
    Company News

    The innovation and Transcendence of the mode of cooperation between government and social capital


    The mode of cooperation between government and social capital (PPP) is a kind of governance innovation in which the government and society work together to build infrastructure and provide public services. There are two main types of government and social capital cooperation in Europe: one is the BOT (build operation transfer) mode, the introduction of private capital in the construction of infrastructure and public service fees paid by consumers, to solve the problem of shortage of funds of government; the other is PFI (private finance initiative) mode, government tenders for private capital the construction of infrastructure, public services provided by the government, with the focus on improving the efficiency of public spending, government spending. In recent years, the mode of cooperation between government and social capital has been widely used in our country. But with its further development, foreign theory has become more and more difficult to explain and guide the vivid practice of our country, and the western traditional model has become acclimatized in our country. In order to solve this problem, China has made a compound innovation of the mode of government and social capital cooperation, and realized the transcendence of the western model.

    The realization of the implementation of the object beyond. Infrastructure and public services can be divided into three categories: one is the economic type, such as road traffic and municipal engineering; two is the social type, such as pension, education and culture; three is the environment, such as pollution control, ecological construction etc.. The western government and social capital cooperation model is usually dominated by individual projects: BOT model is more common in consumer paid economy projects, and PFI model is more common in social and environmental projects paid or subsidized by government. In contrast, China's government and social capital cooperation is usually involved in a number of areas of integrated projects, such as the construction of characteristic towns is the combination of economic projects and social projects. Even projects dominated by one aspect are often bundled with other infrastructure and public services. For example, some of the Beijing subway station in traffic construction and shantytowns construction will transform a traditional organic combination, not only to optimize the surrounding environment, and realize the rational allocation of rail transportation, vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic. The advantages of government and social capital cooperation mode of our country is to avoid too much attention to the social capital economy project, ignoring the social and environmental projects; relevant project evaluation has also been gradually beyond purely economic considerations, fully consider the social and environmental impacts, reflects the development of thought of taking people as center.

    The realization of the implementation of the main body. In the Western model, the social capital usually cooperate with the government in the form of a single subject. In China, the social capital involved in cooperation often appears in the form of a coalition. Among them, there is a cross industry and cross sector joint, such as park project usually involves multiple departments of municipal construction, environmental protection, culture and tourism; some supply chain, such as some have strong market competitiveness, often including financial planning, project construction, operation and other enterprises; also some association between different ownership the. This way of adopting the form of the consortium and forming the big PPP item company has important governance innovation significance. Through correct guidance, it will develop an innovative economic organization between the government and the market and inject more vitality into the sustainable development of the economy and society.

    The implementation process is being surpassed. The final performance of the cooperation project between government and social capital is not only reflected in the financing and construction links, but also embodied in the operation and maintenance. Accordingly, the long-term competitiveness of social capital participating in the project comes from its management ability and technical level in operation and maintenance. At present, most of the social capital involved in cooperative practice is construction or manufacturing enterprises, but the construction and construction capability is strong, but the operation and maintenance ability is weak. With the deepening of new urbanization, the future infrastructure construction "hardware" project will gradually reduce, service operation "software" project will become dominant. This is for many enterprises that are well known for their construction and construction have put forward the transformation requirements of strengthening service operation ability. Can foreknow, after training and test of the PPP project, these enterprises will realize Chinese construction industry operations, manufacturing service transformation, achieved by the "Chinese building" "China manufacturing" to "China operation" and "Chinese service" to expand, and the formation of new international competitiveness.