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    Company News
    Company News

    Qinhuangdao E&T Development Zone, the latest major projects: 6 projects were assessed key projects


    At present, Qinhuangdao Tai Sheng Construction Development Co. Ltd. underground pipe gallery project, Acer Qisheng precision electronics (Qinhuangdao) 9 million 600 thousand square feet of flexible circuit board project with limited company, Qinhuangdao 1 million 200 thousand Bohai hub Zhongqin limited company with an annual output of only high strength, light weight, large size Aluminum Alloy hub project, Qinhuangdao Development Zone of State-owned Assets Management Co. Ltd. Qinhuangdao economic and Technological Development Zone (Jingshan River Railway to the Yangtze River Road) coastal environment construction projects have been under construction.

    In anticipation of a large number of the characteristics around the high-end equipment manufacturing industry to introduce a large investment scale and broad prospects for development, economic and social benefits of the key project of high growth, development zone projects showing a vigorous development trend. In the first half of this year, a total of 18 projects in the development zone were listed as key construction projects in the city, of which 6 were also key provincial projects. The total investment of the 18 projects is 25 billion 704 million yuan, with the planned investment of 4 billion 260 million yuan, and the investment of 2 billion 288 million yuan in the 1-6 month, which is 53.7% of the annual target. In order to ensure that key projects early start, early construction, early production, Development Zone adhere to the monthly progress of provincial and municipal key projects tracking, timely grasp of project progress, project construction difficulties and problems exist in the understanding.